January 30, 2013 0

This is a great presentation that our friends and partners at Speak Up! presented at the most recent task force meeting.

Lake County Plans Community Forums

January 28, 2013 0

The Lake County Board wants to know what’s important to you so our strategic plan represents the community’s priorities. You can help shape important policy and budget decisions. HOW? Community Forums 6 – 7 p.m. Open House Visit informational displays, ask questions, and learn about County services and programs. 7 p.m. Community Forum Share your input and participate in interactive exercises.  DATE  LOCATION ADDRESS Wednesday, Feb. 27 Central Permit Facility  500 W Winchester Rd.,Libertyville Tuesday, […]

Good Daily Herald Article

January 23, 2013 0

A bill to legalize marijuana use for medical purposes never made it out of a legislative committee for a vote in the 97th General Assembly’s lame duck sessions. But that doesn’t mean the issue is dead. There’s talk it could gain new life in some form in the new 98th. Rather than watching and waiting to see what might happen, several suburban communities have begun studying the possible legislation and what controls it would afford […]

Binge Drinking Facts

January 21, 2013 0

Binge drinking is not often recognized as a women’s-specific health problem, but nearly 14 million U.S. women binge drink about three times a month, and consume an average of six drinks per binge, according to a Vital Signs report released this week from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report highlights how binge drinking puts women at increased risk for many health problems such as breast cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, heart disease, and […]

Illinois Social Host Law

January 17, 2013 0

The basic provisions of the law are: Persons over 18 who willfully supply alcohol beverages or illegal drugs to a person less than 18 years of age and cause impairment of such person are liable for death or injuries to persons or property caused by that impairment. Recovery may be had by persons, and their surviving spouses and next of kin, who are injured, in person or property, by the impaired person (which is similar […]

Sixth National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Planned for April 27

January 15, 2013 0

DEA’s sixth National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 2013. DEA’s first five Take-Back events resulted in the removal from circulation of more than 2 million pounds (over 1,000 tons) of prescription drugs. Prescription drug misuse is second only to marijuana use as the Nation’s most prevalent illicit drug problem, with approximately 22 million persons nationwide initiating nonmedical pain reliever use since 2002, according to a report by the Substance Abuse […]

State also announces new youth contest to combat underage drinking

January 10, 2013 0

Underage drinking prevention and education have always been a priority at the Liquor Commission, as best exemplified by its Don’t Be Sorry public awareness campaign. Coming this spring, these efforts will see a renewed focus through the unveiling of a new statewide activity designed specifically by the teens themselves. “While our Don’t Be Sorry program has been a great success, we are constantly looking for ways to improve its delivery,” says ILCC Education Manager Ted […]

Facts on Drugged Driving

January 8, 2013 0

Americans are all-too familiar with the terrible consequences of drunk driving. We also are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of driving with distractions such as text messaging or talking on a cell phone. Working with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and other Federal agencies, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) is taking steps to highlight the growing problem of drugged driving. Overview The National Drug Control Strategy includes a goal of reducing […]

Marijuana Facts

January 4, 2013 0

Marijuana and other illicit drugs are addictive and unsafe especially for use by young people.  As officials with the National Institute on Drug Abuse state, drug addiction is a progressive disease and the earlier one starts, the more likely are the chances of developing a substance use disorder. Marijuana contains chemicals that can change how the brain works. And the science, though still evolving in terms of long-term consequences of marijuana use, is clear: marijuana […]

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