At-Risk Youth in the Suburbs– Town Hall Meeting October 23, 2014

October 13, 2014 0

Poverty, homelessness, heroin — these are no longer just concerns for urban communities, but increasingly problems facing suburban communities as well. Please join us for a discussion of the growing challenges facing suburban youth.   We are pleased to invite you to attend the “At Risk Youth in the Suburbs” forum co-sponsored by the Illinois Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Association (IADDA) and the Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY).  Our distinguished panelists include Rep. Patti Bellock, […]

“At-Risk Youth in the Suburbs” Town Hall Meeting October 23, 2014

October 1, 2014 0

When we think of at-risk youth, suburban communities are often the last places that we associate with children, adolescents, and teens in trouble. Growing poverty and homelessness,changing demographics, and the easy availability of high-risk drugs are among the factors challenging the common perception of the suburbs as a haven for young people. Learn more about the growing risk for young people in the suburbs. Sit down with legislators, experts, and providers for a Town Hall […]