Drug Disposal Kick-off in Lake County

February 27, 2015 0

  Over the last few years the Task Force has been working with law enforcement throughout Lake County to grow a network of prescription drug collection boxes. In 2 and half years we have grown the network from 9 boxes to 20 boxes. Our collection numbers have gone from 7,800 pounds to approximately 12,000 pounds in 2014. There were problems with the disposal system given the DEA only collected the drugs from participating departments twice […]

Most Searched Drug by State

February 9, 2015 0

Internet search results might not be the best way to determine the amount of drugs that are being used, but they do provide insight into the relationship between drugs and culture. The folks over at Withdrawal.net, a site that lists substance abuse recovery resources, have made an animated map that shows what types of illegal drugs people are searching for online. The map gives an interesting look into the shifting drug culture of the United States. […]