Congressman Dold on Opioid’s

In this week’s Republican address, Rep. Bob Dold (R-IL) will discuss Congress’s work to combat the growing opioid epidemic that is plaguing the country.

As a co-chair of the Suburban Anti-Heroin Task Force in Illinois, I’ve seen firsthand the unimaginable suffering that heroin has brought onto families in our community and around the country,” Rep. Dold said. “Heroin doesn’t discriminate by demographics, zip code, or partisanship, which is why we can’t let politics get in the way of helping people in our communities who are struggling with addiction find the treatment they need to get their lives back on track.

“Friends, neighbors, relatives—many of us know someone who, at this very moment, is being affected by opioid addiction,” said Speaker Ryan. “Next month, the House will take up legislation that not only helps those suffering today, but works to prevent addiction before it begins. Bob Dold is hard at work to help fight this growing threat, and I look forward to his address.

 This week, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced that the House will take up additional legislation to combat the nation’s opioid epidemic next month. For a summary of actions the House and its committees have taken to date, click here.