Fall Alcohol Compliance Checks

334982_origThe high school football season brings memorable events for young people including homecoming games and related dances and parties. Unfortunately, with these events also come concerns about underage drinking.

Throughout the homecoming season, businesses throughout Lake County saw teens entering their stores attempting to purchase alcohol. This was part of a county-wide effort to continue promoting positive practices by stores and restaurants that sell alcohol. Law enforcement agencies worked with local groups and young adults to see if they could purchase alcohol
with identification that showed they were under 21.

We did 161 checks and had 13 failures from 14 reporting communities. The failure rate of 7.7% is significantly lower then the overall state failure rate of 17%. Its also in line with past checks done here in Lake County.

“Consistency from community to community and monitoring underage drinking issues will help us be successful in addressing this problem and saving lives. Our desire is to see 100% compliance, but it is refreshing to see the majority of businesses realize the seriousness of this issue and did not sell alcohol to the underage participants.” commented Bruce Johnson, Chairman of the Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force.

Sale of alcohol to a person under 21 years of age is illegal under local and State laws and is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, fine or probation.

Liquor compliance checks are part of an initiative by the Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force which was formed to combine the efforts of the Lake County Chiefs of Police Association and the Lake County After School Coalition in the prevention of underage consumption of alcohol. This group is made up of a diverse group of citizens including community members, parents, law enforcement personnel and other professionals interested in preventing underage drinking.