Lake County Facts from the Illinois Youth Survey

Nearly 20,000 middle and high school students participated in the 2012 Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) – a state wide survey with questions about drugs, nutrition and their community. 54% of Lake County municipalities were represented by 68% of the county’s middle schools and 71% of the county’s high schools. The increase in the participation rate was in large part due to the work of the Lake County Underage Drinking Prevention Task Force, the Lake County Health Department, local police departments and community coalitions.

Some great facts are here:

  • When it comes to alcohol and cigarettes, Lake County middle school youth report that use is down compared to past years.
  • When comparing the past 30-day use rates from 2010 to 2012, Lake County 8th grade students use of alcohol declined from 16% to 14% and cigarette use dropped from 4% to 2%.
  • Lake County 6th grade alcohol use is down from 7% to 5%, while cigarette use is continuing to stay low at 1%.
  • High school rates are holding steady for some substances and decreasing in others. 12th grade cigarette use dropped from 15% to 12% while 10th grade use of cigarettes remains the same at 7%, 12th grade alcohol use is also holding steady at 49%.
  • The Illinois Youth Survey defines binge drinking as having 5 or more alcoholic drinks in a row in the past two weeks. In 2012, there was a decline in binge drinking for 8th and 10th grades and the 6th and 12th grade numbers remained the same. There was a slight increase in 10th grade alcohol use from 28% to 30%.
  • Sixth, eighth, and tenth grade students reported a decrease in inhalant use. Inhalant use is described as sniffing glue, breathing in the contents of an aerosol spray can, or inhaling other gases or sprays in order to get high.
  • Lake County high school students also reported a decrease in the past 30 day use of marijuana (10th grade –16% in 2010 to 15% in 2012; 12th grade –27% in 2010 to 25% in 2012). 
The 2012 Illinois Youth Survey, sponsored by the Center for Prevention, Research and Development, asks youth about a number of risky behaviors, including bullying and other violence, and the use of gateway drugs (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and inhalants) plus other drugs. Additionally, it measures key risk and protective factors that strongly contribute to and deter community-wide substance use rates. 
For more information about the Illinois Youth Survey: