Lunchtime Tweet of the Day

Every day at lunch time we publish our tweet of the day, which has sourced facts from the world of prevention that may shock and amaze you, but certainly amaze you as well! So give us a follow @lakecountydfc

Here are some examples!

Medical marijuana states are clustered at the top of the list in terms of drug addiction and abuse among 12 –17 year olds.
— Lake County DFC (@LakeCountyDFC) February 11, 2013

US had the 2nd-lowest proportion of students using tobacco & alcohol compared to their peers in 36 European countries, new report indicates.
— Lake County DFC (@LakeCountyDFC) January 24, 2013

More than 40% of individuals who begin drinking before age 13 will develop alcohol abuse or dependency at some point in their lives.

— Lake County DFC (@LakeCountyDFC) January 18, 2013