Representative Yingling Holds First Youth Heroin Use Task Force Hearing

This is from the Grayslake Patch.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Sam Yingling, D-Hainesville, convened the very first hearing of the newly formed Youth Heroin Use Task Force yesterday in Springfield. The task force is the product of legislation Yingling passed last session creating the committee to study heroin use in young adults across the state. The principal goal of the committee is to reduce and prevent heroin use in teens and young adults in Illinois.

“I am honored that after so much hard work the Youth Heroin Use Task Force is now beginning it’s very important task of fighting the heroin epidemic we face in Illinois,” said Yingling. “Heroin is not confined to a city corner or a socio-economic class – it is spreading throughout the suburbs, down-state, and growing rapidly. I’m honored to chair this committee and I’m encouraged by the dedication of the members of this committee and I believe together, we will be able to a recommend some achievable solutions to the heroin problem.”

The committee heard testimony from a variety of individuals representing a wide range of expertise. Bill Gentes from the Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force spoke; the Will County Director of Behavioral Health, Dr. Troiani testified; as did other representatives from the Christian County State’s Attorney and the Macoupin Assistant State’s Attorney.

“This task force is made up of a variety of public sector members as well as private sector experts who specialize in this challenging issue and community stake holders who work directly with young adults everyday,” Yingling said. “I am excited and confident that we will be able to put together viable proposals to help lower the number of heroin deaths that occur each year in Illinois and work to prevent heroin use in the first place.”