Smoking Most Prevalent Mode of Lifetime Marijuana Use Among Adults; 30% Report Consuming in Edibles and 10% Report Vaporizing

Slightly more than one-third (35%) of adults reported ever using marijuana in 2014, according to data from a nationally representative consumer panel survey. Among those adults, smoking was reported as the most prevalent mode of marijuana use. A majority of users reported smoking joints (89%), around one-half reported using bongs, waterpipes, or hookahs (49%) or bowls or pipes (48%), and one-fourth (25%) smoked marijuana in blunts. Other modes of marijuana use included ingesting marijuana in edibles or drinks (30%) and vaporizing marijuana (10%). While more than one-third (36%) reported using only one mode of marijuana use, the use of 3 or more modes was more common (44%) (data not shown).

Percentage of U.S. Adult Marijuana Users Reporting That They Have Ever
Used Marijuana in Any of the Following Ways, 2014

The authors conclude that “[c]hanging state policies related to marijuana use may lead to changes in the mode of use or reason for use, which could impact individual- and population-level health. Ongoing and improved surveillance systems that collect more-detailed information about patterns of marijuana use, including mode of and reasons for use, are important for enhancing understanding of the health consequences of marijuana use and public health planning”