Some Task Force Press in the Chicago Tribune

Young teens having fun at home, playing video games

As the project coordinator for the Lake County Underage Drinking and Drug Prevention Task Force, Bill Gentes said he’s worried that a bill passed by the state legislature to legalize medical marijuana could prove harmful to local teenagers.

“The law allows for someone with a medical marijuana card to be prescribed 2.5 ounces of pot every 14 days, which comes out to roughly 13 joints a day,” Gentes said, speaking at a recent Lake County Municipal League meeting that tackled issues ranging from the local heroin epidemic and prescription drug abuse, to medical marijuana and the state’s new concealed carry law.

The medical marijuana proposal has already gotten state legislators’ approval, but awaits the signature of Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn to become law.

“That means, if someone smokes as many as six joints a day, they would still have seven joints lying around the house,” Gentes added. “And where are those joints going to go? The kids are going to get their hands on them.”

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