“Top 10” safety list for parents during prom & graduation season…

Which one of these should not belong?

  1. Remember, as a parent you do influence your teens. By setting rules and the consequences for breaking those rules, you are acting responsibly as a parent, and not as their friend, to help ensure your teen stays safe.
  2. A week or so before the event, talk with your teen about his or her plan for the prom/party. Make sure you know who is involved, where they are going (know the address) and when the event is to occur.
  3. Instruct your teen to keep in constant contact with you throughout the night when traveling from one place to another or if plans change. Assure your teen he or she can call (or text a code word) to you at any time if it becomes necessary to leave the event. Remind them to never travel with someone who has been drinking or using drugs.
  4. Call the parent who is hosting the party and ask if there is anything you can do to help (do they want you to help with food) and to expect your child at their house.
  5. Homeowners are legally responsible for what happens in their home. Discuss with your teen why hosting a party is a shared responsibility. Large outdoor parties and co-ed sleepovers can be more difficult to manage safely.
  6. If hosting, establish the rule that once guests leave they cannot return, to discourage them from going elsewhere to drink and then come back to your house. Be visible near the party area (bring food) and be aware of what is happening.
  7. Should a teen arrive in possession of alcohol or under the influence, call his or her parents. Make sure the teen is transported home safely by a responsible adult.
  8. You or your teen should not hesitate to call the police if the party gets out of control.
  9. Talk with other parents of older students who have been through these social occasions. Often they have good advice as to how best to navigate tough situations.
  10. Remember: one risky decision can lead to a lifetime of heartache.

Well here is the thing they all belong! But we wanted you to read the whole thing!

    Compiled by the Barrington Area Drug Prevention Coalition, the Barrington Police Department and the Barrington 220 School District.