Understanding Suburban Heroin Use

This document is the Executive Summary of a report created by the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy. The consortium is hosted by Roosevelt University.

Some of the information given in the summary really jumps out.

Mexican heroin production has increased significantly since 2002 from an estimated 6.8 metric tons to a production level of 50 metric tons in 2011—a more than seven-fold increase in just seven years. This increase in production has made heroin more available in many areas across the country, including Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Patterns of suburban heroin use have been reported nationally and in Illinois:

  • Though heroin use levels may be somewhat stable, use is increasing among young people in many suburban and rural areas, according to the US Department of Justice. Illinois has seen an increase in young suburban users, evident in public treatment admissions and hospital discharge data. For example:
  • Among 20 to 24 year olds, from 1998 to 2007, hospital discharges for heroin use among Chicagoans declined 67 percent but increased more than 200 percent in the Collar Counties.

Please go read the 9 page executive summary which give an excellent overview of the problem.